A mum in business always needs more time.

Life as an entrepreneur with a family can be hectic,
overwhelming and isolating.
Those who are regional, rural or remote can feel
even more detached from the rest of the world …
It doesn’t have to be this way.

Your Techy Mentor

Taking the frustration and stress out of building a business online, we can provide you with step by step coaching through the technical jobs.

Road Map with Instructions

I will develop a clear strategy with you, mapping out the process you need to follow. This way you know the exact action you need to take and when. This knowledge will allow your business to grow and thrive. Don’t waste hours second guessing the best strategy, let an expert support you, giving you more time to do what you love.

Get On With The Job You Love

Learning new systems can be time consuming; overcoming technology challenges can slow your business and your motivation down. Don’t let the techy stuff stop you achieving your goals.

Online Marketing

Do you understand your opting pages,
sales pages and thank you pages?
We will work through your online sales
funnel’s so you can attract your ideal
client and grow your potential customer base.

Email Marketing

Set up an auto-responder and even
integrate it with your blog. Additionally create
a captivating email campaign and get your
potential clients signed up in big numbers.

Social Media

Connect with your current and future clients,
set up social media strategies that will grow
your following, grow your email list, improve
your interaction and raise your industry credibility.

Blogging / Website

Get support setting up your website or blog.
Navigate through domain registration,
website hosting, plugins and installation
on the WordPress platform.


Take your business from one-to-one
to One-to-many! Learn about killer content,
awesome presentation, platform integration
and marketing strategy.


Branding is your message, your
authenticity and your dream client’s
experience with you and your services.
It’s so much more than a logo or colour scheme.

Gain Clarity and take Action.
Stop feeling overwhelmed by the techy stuff and take control today.

Working with Regional, Rural & Remote Mums who have a passion for business is so rewarding.
There isn’t always a support structure or a go-to person there, I’m here to bridge that gap.

Thank you Kate for your invaluable coaching. It has helped me to realise that I am not limited in what I can achieve as a mum entrepreneur. I have really enjoyed and found your way of thinking and coaching to be very valuable in assisting me to believe that I can be myself and yet be successful online!

Bonnie McCormack

Wangaratta Australia

Kate has helped me so much with the ongoing development of my blog. She is patient and takes the time to delve into every question and concern that I have. She is very caring and respectful, has a sincere interest in my problems and is always there to help me. She has given me a lot of advice on how to make my blog look better and provided me with tools and resources that are helping me to create a successful venture. She not only gives me a lot of valuable information, but takes the time to go through steps with me so that whatever the issue is, by the time we are finished the issue is resolved. I look forward to continue learning from her as she has a great deal of knowledge of and expertise with not only blogs but internet marketing in general.

Sara Metzger

Sacramento California

Kate has guided me through the complexities of setting up an auto responder, hosting company and a lead page builder, plus lots of other general issues around online businesses. She understands that when someone is starting out, all these basic activities can be daunting and small things can catch you out. Through on-going phone calls and sharing screens on Skype, Kate was able to help me see the light, and get my business rolling. Above all she has been very patient with the inevitable newbie questions! A big plus for any coach!

Jennifer Evans

Jindabyne Australia

To All MumPreneurs, stop feeling overwhelmed by the techy stuff and take control today.